Post of Partum

Me with my nephew Miles, who brought me dinner last night. Indian curry with feta salad.

Jeeze Louise MY CHEST!

Is it my middle child syndrome? Is that what makes me feel so overwhelmed and undeserving of being spoiled? In the past month I've been rained on. Love, food, cookies, gifts, kindness, thoughtful words, visits and a whole lot of sleeping in.

I don't know how to thank you. All of you. For the emails (I forward them on to Chup) and the comments on my facebook page. For the tweets (some of them very funny) and the stops at Target. Please note: I have already over spent at Target for the season. Meet me at the Beehive Bazaar instead?

My good in laws, Honey and Ringo (as I call them on this blog) came and stayed with us for a few days. They sprinkled all sorts of sugar on my children, new shoes, new snow boots, new pjs and a Muppet movie too. They sent Chup and me on a few dates of our own, "Hello Chup! Remember me?" and furnished our Erin with a newborn wardrobe in pink and gray with homemade quilts to match.

My sister Page brought down her massage table and gave me a two hour massage. She showed up one morning to clean my house and play with my children while I lounged in bed for hours.

(I should stop naming names, because I could be here all day.)

Instead I'll just post a bunch of pictures. And say again, thank you. THANK YOU. Thank you for your kind response, your respect and your well-wishing. Thank you for taking the time to celebrate with my family. We feel so loved. We're so grateful for your genuine goodness shown by your heartfelt messages. It's been a great journey and we've learned so much.

And now, photos.

P.S. Erin is a dream. I am totally in love.

I haven't left my house in a week. It's been tortuously cold outside. So this is my daily view.

p.p.s. Despite the cold, Ever continues to enjoy a clothes-free lifestyle. For the most part.
And Erin is usually swaddled to the brim. I am not sure why none of my pictures reflect this fact.

I know Ever and Erin are very similar in sound. I know people will spend a lifetime trying to remember which girl is Ever and which girl is Erin. And because they are so close in age, it will surely advance this problem. But I have a feeling the ladies will use it to their advantage. Look at Erin snickering already.

In the meantime, there is pudding to be shared with The Chief, who as it turns out, is a wonderful babysitter for the moments when the baby is awake and I have to go to the bathroom. He even sings a pretty sweet lullaby. Ever however, is known to pull the baby out of her seat and smother with toys. KEEP AN EYE ON THAT ONE.

As for me and my hair. We're good.

Thanks for asking.

Wait, did you ask?

pppppppp.sssssss. Local readers! Do you want to win some tickets to the Lower Lights Christmas concert next week in downtown SLC? I am giving away five pairs on my facebook page today!

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