The Most Wonderful Night of The Year

Chup here -

Welcome to our family Christmas party.

I don't want to brag, but you knew The Lower Lights came, right?

3 nights after filling a huge auditorium with 700 people, they came to our little ol' Green Room.

Paul, Dustin, Scott, Sarah, Deborah, Darrin and even Cherie showed up to sing us some songs from their Christmas Album Come Let Us Adore Him.

I hung some lights, set up some chairs and built a fire.

And then it was hootenanny time.

Hootenannies. Do they even have those anymore? I dunno, but I think we had one.

There were some band members --dear friends-- that couldn't make it and were missed.

Family members too, but we did have a great turnout. Standing room only. So don't feel bad if you weren't invited. We'd LOVE to do some bigger shows that everyone could attend.

Yes, you, lopsided tuque guy from down the street. You too.

The biggest thank-you and a hearty Merry Christmas! to the band, friends and family. It was a wonderful evening.

Chup out-

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