I told Chup that as soon as we flipped the calendar to read NOVEMBER I was taking a maternity leave from church. Not that there is anything wrong with church (I go to church with some of the smartest humans in Mormondom, and I am pretty happy about that) it's just the getting up and getting dressed up and vamped up for a social/spiritual experience that keels me at nine months.

But last night my sister in law Megan of Halftees brought me over their latest creation: lacy Halftees.

Lacy Halftees.

One day last summer I was sitting in my room thinking about how much my wardrobe world has been transformed by the Halftees in my life. Then I thought, what about a lacy Halftee--a Halftee for a more dressy occasion? Then I texted Halftee headquarters and told them my idea. They responded with: Already in the works, a lacy Halftee will be out in the fall.

Isn't that amazing?

Well, I thought it was and I've been waiting patiently for the moment for lacy Halftees to come out. And yesterday they arrived on my doorstep. Only, I had already pledged my leave of absence from church and there was no where else I was planning to go wherein a lacy Halftee would be appropriate. So, to make this intensely interesting story short, my vanity talked me into going to church today so I could step out with my latest accoutrements.

Roll montage of self-portraits me, in lacy Halftee after eating lunch:

Admittedly, I was a little close to the window while taking these pics. The light is really hot on my face. Oh well, for every blown out self portrait up there, there is four more to enjoy! ENJOY!


Here's the good news, and there always must be good news.
Halftees is giving my readers 20% from November 14th to November 21st by entering the code: CJANE20
You are very welcome.
*Lacy Halftees come in black and white, long sleeved, XS-XXL
*Code can go to any Halftee shopping, not just the lacy Halftees
*There are also turtleneck Halftees for people who are not sweltering all the time already
*I am sweltering all the time already, thus I prefer lacy Halftees you see

In other (less-offensively self-absorbed) news, tonight my siblings are coming over to plan Thanksgiving. It's going to be at my house. We might substitute my baby for a turkey, depending on how delicious he/she is. Also depending on IF HE/SHE EVER DECIDES TO COME OUT.

p.s. I really do like church. Mom.

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