What ho?

(No baby yet, we're starting to investigate--from miscalculated due dates to membrane stripping. But all is well! Despite what it might look like in the photo above! Healthy! Happy! Cheers! Thanks for your continuing well-wishing!)

To celebrate this week of American Thanksgiving here are five links I'd like to share with my fellow Pilgrims and Indians (whichever you might be):

1. My sister's book is ready for pre-order! I am so proud of her and contributor Amy Hackworth for all they've done to get this book off the ground. I know it's been a lot of work, and I know it will be an emotional read. You can get all the pre-order information by going to Steph's blog here.

2. Three things you should never say to a pregnant lady--a column I wrote for the Des News.
(Thanks to Emmelyn Thayer Freitas for inspiration!)

3. Of all that has been said about Mormon bloggers in articles and posts, I find this one from Nona Willis Aronowitz at Good pretty good. It's thoughtful, historical and sweet (though I was a bit surprised at the tone taken toward Jordan Ferney--who I know is compassionate person). Plus it's about my dear friend Natalie Holbrook and our love affair. You can read it here.
(And the cover photo shown here was taken by JUSTIN HACKWORTH who sadly didn't get credit!?)

4. I've been thinking a lot about this post I wrote while spending Thanksgiving in Brussels a few years ago. It was such a dreamy trip. With so much chocolate. So much chocolate.

5. If you like C.JANE BABY WATCH 2011 (and why wouldn't you?) I might direct you to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. We're pretty good at posting regularly whether you like it or not. Of course, we'll update here too, should anything be birthed. Like a lazy baby.

Loves, smooches and handshakes/hugs!

And now I'd like a roast beef sandwich.

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