If You're Checking In To See If I've Had My Baby . . .

I have not.

But I have had:
-two slices of pumpkin pie with slightly frozen whipped topping which had that hot/cold combination that tricks the tongue and flatters the taste buds. Chup made me into a whipped topping fan, my favorite being the old fashioned heavy whipping cream we beat in the Kitchenaid with sugar and vanilla.

- a slightly awkward nursing bra fitting wherein I spent this baby's college tuition on two bras that will likely be my constant companions for the next year. Size: TITANIC.

-a number #10 from Firehouse. Burn Notice! That sandwich is so tasty!
(That's Ever above eating her Smokehouse BBQ chips from Firehouse in the backseat.)
(I am in no way being paid for his plug of Firehouse or Smokehouse BBQ chips, nor am I being paid to be Ever Jane's mother, though all three could warrant an investigation into WHY NOT?)

-a date night with Chup to Topher's My Fair Lady at the Hale Center Theater and a plate of colorful sushi after (I've eaten sushi with all my pregnancies, calm down 'enry 'iggins).

-temptations to take that castor oil cocktail.

-a morning shopping spree to buy those much-needed after-birth clothes that say "GIVE ME A BREAK! I JUST HAD A BABY!" and which include sweats, large t-shirts and housecoats my grandmother loved.

-about five break downs. Mostly of the senseless variety.

-a welcome party for the snow collected on my front lawn like the frozen whipped topping on my pumpkin pie (see connection, above).

-a good conversation with my mom in St. Louis who assured me she was late with all nine babies and how each baby, no matter what, was a different birthing experience and ultimately, there's nothing you can do about it. (Note: I love it when people give me permission to release control. I'd like to hire someone to do this as a full-time position. WHO NEEDS A JOB?)

-had a funny conversation and a Mexican Hot Chocolate delivered piping to my front door via the Wileys. If you're thinking, Man, she's writing a lot about food in this post! it's because what else do I got at this point?

It's food and waiting, friends. Food and waiting.

Until next update . . . I love what you're wearing right now.

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