Friday, November 18, 2011

Air Mail

The Chief asked for sugar cookies this morning.

Well, airplane cookies.

He calls them airplane cookies because we bake dozens and dozens of cookie cutter-ed airplane shapes and eat them for days. We don't even bother with frosting anymore. Just warm, melty sugar cookies seconds off the cooling rack.

So that's what we were doing, making airplane cookies, when a knock came to my front door. I checked myself out in the mirror before answering, a kind gesture to the person on the other side I assure you. I found that I had a spot of flour on my cheek right below my left eye. I almost left it there because it was so cute. So cliche! So homemaker happy!

"Oh, don't mind me," I imagined myself saying taking my back hand to wipe my brow and floured cheek, "I'm just really pregnant, barefoot and making sugar cookies with my children this morning."

But no, I wiped it off with a lift of my shoulder to cheek and answered the front door.

It was Scott Wiley.

"I had to chase the FedEx lady down, but I got the Lower Lights Christmas cds this morning." And with that explanation he handed me a pile of them.

And this when I remembered I promised many people I'd let them know when the Lower Lights Christmas album was available.


You can order the album here. If you order out a cd, you will also get an immediate download of the entire album to love while you wait for that package in the mail. Pretty cheerful stuff!

Of course, we've been listening to a sample cd for a couple weeks now and it needs to be said that I think it's a great album from start to finish. It's fun, it's sweet, it's musically stunning and it makes me cry (watch out for Stars of Glory and In the Bleak Midwinter, you might need a few buckets). Plus, TONS OF BELLS!!!

And I'll leave you with a Jed Wells video of the Making Of staring my stunning friend Brooke White with cameo appearances by:
Ryan Shupe (fiddle)
Stu Maxfield (violin)
Sarah Sample (vocals)
and many more music geniuses.
(And yes, your favorite person Mindy Gledhill contributes to a few songs on the album as well.)
Scott Wiley is the guy at the controls. And on the guitar. I wish we also had video of him running down the FedEx truck. There's always next time... (LL will come out with another hymn revival album in the spring).

The Lower Lights: Come Let Us Adore Him from The Lower Lights on Vimeo.

And now, back to making more airplane cookies.

Happy Weekend!