Five Things I Believe About Myself

It's Wednesday, my kids are Wubbzy-ing up on the iPad. My husband is scrubbing the kitchen floor, I just finished a Deseret News column in record timing, and now I have a killer lower back pain that is asking for my attention. In honor of all this I am going to write five things I believe about myself:

1. I am a good cleaner. My house is usually clean enough for me. I like to pick up, scrub and organize. I'm pretty happy with my state of living, it's not always tidy but it's always getting attention. And I get really excited to take on projects of this nature (except: cleaning the kitchen floor).

2. I am not a social human being. I have a few close friends who I spill my guts out to on occasion, but in general I like being at home with my family and my bathtub. I watched one of my favorite creepy movies the other day, "The Others" and I laughed when Nicole Kidman says something like, "Quiet is something we prize highly in this house." That's sorta me. I live for quiet time.

3. Cultural dishonesty annoys me. I can't go with the flow very often if the flow makes no sense to me. Of course I could get into specifics, but Wubbzy can only last so long. Another day?

4. The older I get the less impressed I am. With ideals I mean. I am still impressed with the view I see out my window every morning--a spectrum of fall foliage on the gigantic Y mountain--or my children's ability to grow before my VERY EYES. Or how my husband is using his back right now to mop up every spot on the kitchen floor. Genuine people impress me all the time, but as for ideals? They never fail to disappoint.

5. I am capable. I was on the phone with my mom last night talking about motherhood and I said to her, "I've been through some tough times Mom and I never felt you were overly concerned about me. I always felt like you had confidence that I'd figure it out." And she said to me, "You were born with an independent spirit. And I've always trusted your experience." But when I was in bed last night I thought about that statement and while it may be true, I think my mom and dad really directed me to be a strong, capable, conscientious person. They never cultured dependence in me (other than on my Creator). I also think it's a product of being a middle child, what are you going to do?

Well, enough about me. On to the day.

p.s. a couple weeks ago my sister Page and I attended a seminar in Salt Lake called, LDS Female Sexuality with Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife. Uh, it was incredible. I thought I'd share the Mormon Stories podcast link with you. It's basically the same information as the seminar. Go here. Enjoy!

*photo, Jed Wells outtake.

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