Checking In With Myself: Today


Today I realized Ever is talking. All her words are real words. And she sings a lot too. She broke a picture frame, a glass bowl containing hair clips and a ceramic pot in under one hour. Which means, she also broke her own record of how many things she can destroy in one hour. I can't get enough of her though, she's like my own bag of tricks.

The Chief has learned the word "stupid" and in trying to explain why we don't "use that word" I looked at Chup for some help. I use that word. He uses that word. Why does it sound so foul coming out of my three-year old's mouth? It's, well, stupid.

Chup has been so incredible lately, I get all teary when I think of him. He's so sweet and patient with me as I roll around and bark orders. This morning we sat in bed with his hand on my belly feeling the inner soccer star Squishy shooting goals at my ribcage. Maybe that's too personal a moment to share on a blog, but I don't want to forget it. Also, tonight Chup made dinner for three families. And then did the dishes afterward. I should quit blogging right now so I can go smooch his face . . .

As for me, I had a meeting with the mayor wherein I used the term "crowning" which makes me right on course for somehow always dropping inappropriate words during official meetings. I got to visit with my cousin Jayne's new baby boy George, who has the courage to be dashingly handsome at just a few weeks old. And I reorganized a closet. The best part of pregnancy for me is nesting. I do everything in double time.

And the kicking. I like that too. I always miss the kicking when the baby finally comes. And speaking of Squishy . . . I feel like the babe has dropped.

Which has to mean we're getting close.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

*pictures taken at the pumpkin patch at Vineyard Nursery (Grants Plants)

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