Best Blogging Week Ever: Say My Name

In this VERY SPECIAL VLOG you will see Mindy Gledhill (with baby Griffin) and me singing the names of RCS donors to a tune Justin Hackworth made up on the spot. You think he's good with a camera? Just wait to see him on a guitar.

Sarah Wiley opted not to share her untouched violin and though we tried to convinced her otherwise, she felt she was better suited to Mindy's tambourine.

Now listen, I kinda lose it at the end (NOT KINDA) because I know Mindy is about to sing about my mom, and I know my mom is a generous fan of my vlogs and it suddenly made me explosively happy to think about my mom in Missouri hearing Mindy Gledhill and me in a duet, sing her name.

So that's what that's about.

And yes, I do wear my Queen of Provo crown at all official events. Please get used to it. Royal duties, ok? (You probably wouldn't understand...)

HUGE THANKS TO TIFFANY BAUMSTARK for her kind contribution--we wish would've seen it in time for the vlog. Next time?

You can still donate! SO GREAT!

One dollar gets you a warm glow in your heart. $500 gets you your own private Fictionist concert. No kidding. Donate to the Rooftop Concert Series 2012!

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