To Mom & Dad in St. Louis: Gems

Do you see what we see? On the mountain tops from the backyard?


I have decided this about September: it's the loveliest month of all. The dahlias, sunflowers, the coral sunsets and the dots of autumnal evidence on the tips of the mountains. But it's also a month of transition, our bodies are moving into a different season, preparing for the winter months ahead. The children aren't sleeping through the night, they have runny noses and we feel a bit sluggish around here. I think Heavenly Father knew it would be a complicated month on our spirits so He made sure the world was as beautiful as possible to encourage us on our way.

Stephanie's children came to stay for awhile. I took them to the Fall Festival for the fourth year in a row. Can you believe it? How she is out of town on the exact date of the shcool carnival is beyond me. (But I am starting to be suspicious!) Four years I've braved the crowds, waited in lines for sticky prizes and praised their hair accessories, be it spray paint or feathers.

Despite the horrifics of the BYU vs. Utah game, it was a cool weekend. The Chief and Ever loved all the attention and dress ups and light saber fights in the Green Room. And Donut Saturday, of course.


Courtney Jane

With the fall covered mountains in the background, 
this concert couldn't get more gorgeous.

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