A Tale of Two Friends

I woke up Saturday morning feeling boring.

I thought about all the possibilities I could chase that morning.

Go for a hike?

Bake banana bread?

Read some poetry?

I am kidding about the poetry. And also about the hike. Considering I am eight months pregnant I don't want to do either. Ok, also I don't want to bake bread or be hot inside my kitchen. So really, I was out of ideas before I even lifted my precious feet out of my plush bed and onto the ground.

Today will be boring, I gloomed. A perfect day to me is filled with tasks to be accomplished or people to laugh with. I don't like boring. I know some people do. I could mention a couple names here but they probably wouldn't like being outed in such a fashion. For the sake of this post, just know my days have to be about hard work, or about people I love, but boring is devastation.

About half way through the boring day I recieved a text from Sarah:

We are at the park come join us.

The park is another place I like as long as I am not eight months pregnant, but it was an option and as it turns out Sarah is one of those few people I like. So we went.

Not long into our venture the sky turned dark, Sarah's daughter June started warning us,

"It's going to rain on us!"

But Sarah and I chose to ignore it until the thunder preceded the first sprinkles. We conceded and headed back to my house but not until the sky opened up and poured on us on the way home. Ever was like a wet doggie in the front seat of the stroller. But cuter and a little less smelly.

Once we got inside we were trapped into an inside play date until the sky settled down. We all had drinks and a few snacks and while the kids played Sarah and I talked on the couch.

I like Sarah because she is smarter than me. Sure, there are more reasons than that, but first I like her because she can out-debate me, out-logic me, out-source me. She always allows me my processes, she lets me form my arguments and follows up. If she agrees with me she does so passionately and I always feel placated. If she disagrees she gives me a barrel of mental considerations which I always take to heart and explore.

And she's like me in that we're task-oriented, though when I am around Sarah I get to be the lazy one, the one who likes to sit around and say inane things and be self-absorbed. Sometimes she says to me when I am super looney, "Oh my goodness this is getting stupid."The other night we came to the conclusion that our relationship works so well because she lets me talk about myself. While I could do that in other relationships, the difference is that I feel comfortably doing so in her presence. With other relationships self-talk makes me feel plainly narcisstic.

At one point Sarah considered going brave and biking home in the rain. But that was when Brooke showed up at the front door. Brooke's husband Aaron knew Sarah from an earlier life in Pasadena and this connection has been fun for me as Sarah and Brooke are some of my favorite people.

I like Brooke because she is more fun than me. Sure there are more reasons than that, but first I like her because she can out-celebrate me, out-funny me, out-bake really good baked goods me. She doesn't laugh with me as much as at me and it took me awhile to realize how fresh it felt to be on that side of things. Outside of my five brothers Brooke can tease me to truth. Considering how easily I can take my own self too seriously, she is like medication to my pious-leaning ways.

And she's like me in that we like to be lazy and sit around and laugh, though when I am around Brooke I get to be tasky one, the one who likes to make plans and be serious. She brings out the side of me that I'd like to believe is intelligence (perhaps what other people might call "attempts to think.") Our relationship works because I allow her party-girl leanings (whenever I visit she begs, "Just sleep over, ok?") and she brings out the stoic in me. I love a fresh take of Brooke and if we go for a couple months without a gathering I get lonesome for her.

I am not sure how long the three of us visited in our Green Room as our children (nine all together!) romped around and flirted. I just know it was sunny by the time Brooke made a notion to go. By the time she had packed her children back into the car, Sarah had secured her children on their bikes and both of them said good bye in succession. I was sad to wave them both on.

But it had turned out to be a not-so-boring day after all, it was a day of duality, two friends celebrating what I like most about them and in turn, me too.


Hey guess what? 
This is happening soon, and it's going to come with some surprises:

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