Sure Beats Watching Caillou

It's true I didn't blog for a week because I was watching Star Wars.

My son, The Chief, he likes the Star Wars and me, being the ignorant pop culture recluse that I am, do not speak Star Wars. I think I saw it once, but I can't really remember.

So look, I said to myself, if my child is going to have an obsession with this . . . this . . . phenom, I best better watch it myself. All six movies, back to back.

On Monday I started episode one (Episode I?) and on Tuesday I started episode two (Episode II?) and you get the idea.

Naturally I couldn't blog because I was watching Star Wars. Not only did I have to watch it while pausing to feed my children and change their clothes (stuff like that) but I also had to text Chup every so often asking for clarifications and "I don't understand Yoda's dialogue" complaints. Then, after every movie was over I had to compare it to my religious philosophy and so the day would get away from me and I couldn't blog. Naturally.

My kids loved it. You should've seen the house at the end of the week. Looked like the garbage compactor in the Death Star (do you get that joke? Because I wouldn't have gotten it before last week.)

I thought a lot about blogging though. Don't get me wrong. Like when Obi-Wan (who they call Ben sometimes? I had to text Chup about that one) tells Darth Vader that if he were to die he'd only become more powerful (not a direct quote, mind you) and then he smiles and lets Darth kill him I texted Chup as fast as my fingers would allow,


and then I thought about how I had given up on blogging and my only resolve was that maybe . . . maybe . . . the point was to become MORE POWERFUL!

But this post pretty much proved that not to be true.


I don't think Darth Vader is as scary at all. On the inside he's just a squishy Sith.

(The best kind!)

Anyway, I liked this video before I watched Star Wars, but this week made me love it on an entirely new level. Ladies (and a few Gentlemen) I HAVE ARRIVED.

I am starting to smell how good this is going to be . . .

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