Late last night I was chatting with Wendy (of Blue Lily Fame) about photography. It was really interesting because she travels all over the world taking pictures of families and no matter where she goes she sees a theme.

"People like to have family photos where for one little second their family looks perfect."

And I don't know why, but this was really eye-opening. My family didn't grow up taking big family photos like some do yearly. When I look back at my family's photos there are leaps in the story, we go from a family of seven to a family of nine to seventeen (grandchildren!). And you sorta have to put the pieces together, and answer questions like, how many babies were born in the time it took to do this family photo and the next family photo? (Answer usually, three to four). Who can blame my mother?

In my little family here, only once have we put on our pretties and had our proper family pictures taken, and it was great. But mostly we go au naturale, and yes, sometimes that means naked . . . the children of course! (You didn't think...?)

I mean, when Wendy comes to our house we take photos of my babies eating off the kitchen floor, marital discord, and Chup and I buried in a living room littered with toys.

What I mean is . . . when I see photos like these that Chup took during last evening's rainstorm I think, the crumb-face, wrinkled-bottomed, loungy look of the every day moment is perfection:

By-the-way, The Chief tried an umbrella and a pair of goggles to tread out into the rainfall, but as far as coverage is concerned, he found this the most helpful:

Pass it along.

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