Breaking in Studio

My children and I were honored to be the first photo shoot in Justin Hackworth's huge new studio. I told him it was dangerous to give me a reason to brag (BECAUSE I LOVE A GOOD BRAG) but look at him, he chose us anyway.

These are some maternity shots. Because I woke up with pregnancy face not long ago, I thought the timing was impeccable.
(Plus, we surprised Chup with some velvety prints for his birthday!)

And the offspring who share this womb . . .

Ever so Soft:

Mr. Hot & Cold:

Ensemble cast:

*Justin shot maternity pictures when I was pregnant with Ever. It was supposed to have been just a headshot, but I looked way too pregnant for that business, so they ended up being more maternity photos.

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Oh pregnancy face. Welcome back! Get comfy. We've got three more months of us.

Thanks Justin Hackworth (wedding photographer) and congratulations on the new studio!

my dress- deseret industries, idaho
my undershirt- halftee
my sparkly gold flip flops-old navy

the chief's shirt- accidentally stolen from ollie
the chief's awesome sweat shorts-target
the chief's really worn out converse-nordstrom

ever's saltwater sandals-nordstrom
ever's recently stained onesie-target
ever's sporadic hair-ME (as evidenced in these shots, you're welcome daughter and good luck!)

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