Best Blogging Week Ever: Provo Town Square

You can try but, YOU WILL NEVER GUESS what happens in this vlog! On location in downtown P-town!
Thanks again, 3B Yoga for making vlogs like this possible.

When the good people at Halftee read about the many enthusiastic people who can't be at the concert tonight they felt sorry in their hearts. So they decided to give everyone the 20% off code for their merchandise. Yes Kansas Honey, that means you.
Shop at:
Type ROOFTOP2 at check out. Good until 9/7/11.
(Code should be working now, if you had problems earlier-sorry!)

Also, here's some Halftee gossip: they are coming out with a turtleneck Halftee, a full sleeve lace Halftee and a long sleeve girlee Halftee. I am so thrilled with this advancement. Have I ever told you how much I adore lace? It's practically a pastime!

You can start setting up your spots at 6:00pm (and not a minute before!)
Show starts a bit before 8:00pm.
Ends around 10:30 (when the night's still young and downtown is still hopping with possibilities!)
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