Thursday, August 11, 2011

Couple's Retreat: Post Three

While here at the beach I am asking my friends to tell us why they got married. This is from Rachel Hardy.

As I sat across the couch from Brian I thought to myself, “I can’t believe I’m telling him this. I’ve never told this to anyone.” But it was true. Here was someone with whom I could completely be myself, who I could share all my thoughts and feelings, and who wouldn’t laugh or make fun. Here I was, talking to my very best friend. I had known Brian for nine months. Over those nine months we had talked, laughed, cried, traveled, played games, made movies, listened to music, been everywhere, and done everything, as friends. But that evening, as we sat on the couch, I realized how much I loved him. And as I was realizing this, he told me. Brian Hardy told me he loved me, and we weren’t even dating. “I love you” was my response. And I meant it. I didn’t know what it would mean, but I truly meant it. In the following days, we figured out what it meant, and this amazing friendship transformed into a deep and even more meaningful relationship.

Brian was honest and caring, constant and reliable. And he was fun. I never laughed more than when I was with Brian. He was sarcastic and silly at the same time. I never felt better than when I was with Brian. He was who I looked forward to seeing and couldn’t wait to talk to. I felt all this as friends, and now that we were dating, it was even better.

This is why I got married. This is why I married Brian Hardy. After two years of dating, and at the age of 26, I was married in the Salt Lake Temple. Amidst congratulations from family and friends, and pictures outside the temple, my brother approached me. He hugged me and whispered in my ear, “This is what you’ve always wanted. You did it.” I always wanted to get married. It was never a question, it was just a matter of timing. But I wasn’t just looking for someone to fill a position. I just knew that when I fell in love with Brian, the position had been filled.