Couple's Retreat: Last Day

There was one day this trip where we all sat down to have breakfast. Then, because there were so many stories to tell and jokes to be made, we actually didn't move from our breakfast seats until we were hungry again for lunch. So we brought out lunch and promised we'd move before dinner. Lazy, lovely us.

Thanks friends for guest posting this week. When I think about why I married I know it's because I was guided by forces bigger than me. Anytime I would doubt our relationship or stress about Chup being "the right one" I would have dreams, visions and feelings of peace visit my mind. Even if I wasn't always sure about my marrying Chup, the angels were. And those angels are pretty insistent. They're still around, by the way, encouraging us on and winking at our attempts.

I'd like to think it was those angels that made sure we got to the beach this year with our friends. I always come back from these trips enamored---with my friends--but mostly with my husband.

He's the blue ribbon.


*photography thanks to Jed Wells & Chup taken in the outskirts of Baker, California. Those two always like to wait for the right light.

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