C. Jane Exculsive! Jack and White's Telephone Games

It's Monday, it's mid-August, I am thinking you need a treat.

My friend Brooke White asked if I would premiere her Jack and White Living Room Sessions video from her latest EP Gemini (out tomorrow!) on my humble blog. I said "Yes!" because I need a treat too. I also need her kimono, and I'm not kidding about that.

Brooke's voice reminds me of the female rock and roll music my mother secretly loved (loves?) of the 70's. There's something in that raspy, earthy tone that I just really like a lot. We spent the whole weekend listening to the retro, reminiscent album. The only problem with the EP is it has six songs, I wanted six more.

When I met Brooke this summer she introduced me to Jack from her band and explained to me how they were writing together. I am so glad they did.

I give you Telephone Games:

I am also hoping to see Brooke this weekend here in Provo. The Lower Lights are back in studio recording a Christmas album and Brooke is singing with the group this time. Scott says I come in and can ring a few bells. I don't know if that means I have the job of keeping everyone in line, or actually ring bells, I will come equally willing.

But now that you love Brooke almost like I do (or my brother Topher does: huge fan) then I shall further treat you to a few links:
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Stunning album cover photography Trevor Hoehne

Happy Monday Mid-August Treat. Now go and do something good on this sticky, slow day of summer. Hooray.

Congratulations on a beautiful album Jack and Brooke! See you soon!

P.S. Speaking of music I met Tyler Glenn from Neon Trees this weekend. He still rents a room here in Provo. I think that's pretty neat, because so do I.

Me, Tyler, Sarah Wiley (who introduced us) outside of Velour.
(thanks Trevor Christensen for the photo!)
(I'm never washing that shoulder again.)

Speaking of music...

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