I could write a whole post about how magical this August has been (my favorite month so far?) but I think this Jed Wells photo of me as a mermaid should suffice. I mean what more could I say?

Magical, romantic and just a little bit freckled-pregnant-mermaid-August.

Also, I wrote a tribute to my summer at the Des News. It was a gratifying piece to write. Thanks to my editor Aaron Shill (Hi Boss!) for hounding it out of me.

Bring it on fall, bring it on.

Thanks to:
Jed Wells-photography
Jayne Wells & Chup Kendrick-lighting
Sarah Wiley-Art/Seaweed Director (real seaweed used!)(though no seaweed was hurt in the making of this photo...)
Scott Wiley- general teasing, making sure it wasn't taken too seriously

p.s. Did you get to watch the Lower Lights record this weekend on ustream? Chup and I stopped in on Saturday morning and enjoyed watching a few recordings (Christmas album + a second LL album).
I think this recording has been my favorite so far, Go Down Moses (watch for Ryan Shupe's fiddle):

Tomorrow I start posting about this bad boy!
This concert is going to be circus peanuts:

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