40 Things About Chup 1-10

At the end of this week my husband Christopher Erin Kendrick (Chup) (rhymes with soup) will turn the exquisite age of forty. I am not just saying this for footrub points, he is more handsome at forty than I have ever seen him. And happy too. Happy and handsome? Who needs the midlife crisis?

This week I am determined to write 40 things--ten each day--about Chup my main docket. But if, heaven forbid, something happens to me mid-week (choke on a pita chip?) and I don't make it to 40, just know that if you break the crust of his somewhat cool demeanor you will find the kindest boy on this planet. He's a softy my Chupstick. Like I always say, he's a Mr. Darcy-type . . .

 . . .maybe minus the untold wealth (but such little things can be overlooked).

1.Tonight we drove north a few towns over to visit a good friend of ours in her home. As we were sitting and visiting I noticed how handsome Chup looked on her new couch.
"Isn't he handsome?" I said to our friend.
"Oh, you know I already love him inappropriately," she responded.
And I laughed because it's true, he's easy to crush upon. He's always had a way with the ladies.

2. When I first met Chup, a raging bachelor of almost-thirty, he was a playboy. He liked snowboarding, water skiing and movies. Oh, and women. To everything else in his life he seemed somewhat apathetic. Over the years however, I've seen him become much more proactive in thought and policy. He actually emotes opinions on politics from time to time. And I love it when he's proactive about righting a wrong. Especially when he says to The Chief, "You may never yell at Mommy, do you hear me?"

3. All of his life he wanted to wear dude-fashion sunglasses, but because he wore regular glasses it was impossible. For his thirty seventh birthday he bought himself laser corrective eye surgery and the first thing he did with his new lifestyle was shop for sunglasses. And he's been shopping ever since. Sunglasses are a huge part of our lives here at Retro House. Every day brings a new pair. Mostly from the Dollar Store, of all places.

4. A very long time ago, far before the rage, I picked up Twilight and read it. Then Chup picked up my book and read it. Then he went out and bought the second book and read it. I never read the second book. I wonder how many wives can say their husband read more of the Twilight series than they did. But I swear, back then it was more about the physiology of vampires and the moral choices of sexuality than it was about the MTV movie awards and like, "the best kiss ever!".

5. He took me to see Amelie after he saw it LA. It was the first time he "knew me so well".

6. I fell in love with a somewhat sophisticated Chup. He liked culture, theater, movies, art, music, technology and creation. Then we went to visit his family in Idaho and a whole different Chup came out of the wood works. He was trucks, cars, gadgets and grease. Though it was quite the shock to me, I've grown to love the dichotomy. Next to his five hundred plus cd collection of 80's alternative is his Kawasaki ZRX 1200R and it reminds me to never box someone up.

7. After four or five wedding bands of some metal or another, and hating all of them, my bro in law Andrew gave Chup a carbon fiber black and gray checkered ring that weighs less than a penny. We know this because he weighed it on his electronic scale in his office. Anyway, I think we found a winner. We can now say we're married. Officially.

8. He obsessively drinks this. And not-so-secretly treats himself to these. The only vegetable he'll touch is a carrot. He tries to pass corn off as a vegetable, but we all know it's a starch. Oh I forget, he'll also eat cucumbers if soaked in vinegar and chilled with ice. And one time I saw him eat a banana.

9. He's the sexiest when he's got a toothpick in his mouth. Sometimes he even squints while nursing the toothpick. Toothpick and squinting. Done deal.

10. Chup seems to attract really intelligently funny friends. One of our favorites is Scott Christopher, a fellow actor, writer, and comedian. Scott and Chup worked together as speakers and trainers at the same company for a couple years. Though they don't see each other much these days, I always know when Scott calls because Chup suddenly turns into sarcastic clown man and says insanely stupid things to the phone. And one day, while going through Chup's Facebook photos I found this photoshoot they did together:

Did you catch what happened here?

If we had the next photo, you'd see Chup rolling on the floor.

See you tomorrow when I talk more about pants.

Photo credit:
1. Nanette Amis
2. Justin Hackworth
3. Property of OC Tanner

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