This Is A True Story

I was recently perusing my friend's blogs when I saw a giveaway for Birds of Ashmae on Nat's blog and I did this, "Waaaaah I want an Ashmae original. Waaaaaah! I'll never win!"

And this is what an idiot I am:

At that very point I had in my inbox (double stuffed) a very recent email from Ashmae with an attachment--a painting she did of me and the Chupaloop at our last concert--that I had not been able to open yet because I didn't know about how to open attachments on my phone because I got a new phone and I need a tutorial but not from Chup because he's waaaay to excited about technology and all I want to know is, HOW DO I OPEN ATTACHMENTS? not when will they release the latest jail break for the iphone because I don't even know what a jail break is unless we're talking about the game I used to play in my youth with my brothers and sisters in the basement on Saturday mornings.

So it was like this "Waaaaaah I want an Ashmae original. Waaaaah! I'll never win! Waaaaaaaaaait a second."

Chuppie's beard makes me giggle.

And my dress is my favorite part. I think I like it better then the real one.

Thanks Ashmae, I feel like a winner.

*and thanks J. Hack for the original shot. Remember you actually had to ask Chup to put his arm around me? Let's not tell anyone about that, I'd like them to think you found us this way, all snuggly wuggly . . .

BECAUSE YOU ASKED... my dress is from Forever 21, April 2011.

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