Sunday Guest Post Series: Jennifer Jones on Healing through HypnoFertility

Becoming a mother for the first time was not exactly easy. The labor had complications, the delivery had complications, there was a long recovery, and the nursing didn’t go as I had hoped. Besides that, my son had colic and screamed all day long. That newborn sleepy stage I heard all about? Never happened. Did I mention that my husband was working 80 to 100 hours a week? And I was Young Women’s President (a responsibility or calling in our church which requires a large amount of time, effort, and resources)? It would be an understatement to say that it was a rough time for me.

I wasn’t exactly ready to become pregnant and go through that whole experience again as quickly and readily as some. I prayed and prayed daily that I would have the desire to have more children. And finally, that desire came. We were finally ready to start “trying” for baby #2...

Nothing was happening. So, I started charting my cycles, reading fertility articles and books, and testing my fluids. I peed on more ovulation strips than I care to remember. I even joined a fertility website. I bought a basal body thermometer. I bought herbal supplements. Nothing was happening. And nothing was happening. And nothing was happening.

If you’ve ever had any experience with infertility (whether it be 9 months or 9 years), you know that it is not fun.

It seemed as though everyone around me was getting pregnant (friends, acquaintances, family, women at work, women at church, women walking their dogs) with seemingly little effort--and should I even mention: by accident. I started noticing pregnant women (there were no men, right?) everywhere. At this point, pessimism started setting in (please refer back to: "infertility is not fun"). I started to wonder, what's wrong with me?. Does God not trust me with more of His children? Did I not do a good enough job with my little boy? Am I a bad mother? And, gulp, can I just not handle another one? I was becoming more and more frustrated. I was angry and moody. I felt like my emotions and actions were not my own. The frustrations I was having were also putting stress on my husband and our relationship. It seemed to be invading every aspect of my life.

I didn’t want to go on Clomid or experiment with other more invasive fertility treatments. I don’t know why--it just didn’t seem right for me, and I trusted that instinct for myself (though it may be very right for other women).

And then, I remembered reading about HypnoFertility. I had taken HypnoBirthing classes from a practitioner for my first delivery. I remembered that she had recently started providing HypnoFertility sessions as well. HypnoBirthing had worked so well for me when I gave birth that I figured (and hoped) that HypnoFertility would probably work, too.

(What is HypnoFertility? I’m so glad you asked. I don’t want to try to put it in my own words, so read about it here or here.)

I set up a few sessions with Carol, my HypnoFertility Specialist. After my initial session, my husband, upon my arrival home from the appointment, remarked that I was so much more cheerful than I had been in the weeks and months prior. I felt more like myself. I was happy and hopeful and a lot less stressed. During the few weeks that I was having my HypnoFertility sessions, my thoughts about conceiving were much more positive than they had been. I was in better spirits in general, and I was able to feel happier for other people as well.

After only 3 sessions (over a 3-week time period), I conceived. It was during my first possible cycle after I started HypnoFertility sessions.

I feel so strongly about the positive effects that HypnoFertility had on me. I believe I went through the trial of infertility so that I could know about HypnoFertility and share it with others. I know that there are so many people out there who could benefit from it, but don't even know that it exists. I highly suggest looking into this method if you are battling with infertility in any way!

Jennifer is a wife of a real estate agent/artist/surfer and mother of 2-year-old Henry. She is a speech therapist by profession and a concert pianist in her dreams. She and her family live in a very small, overpriced house in San Diego, but she hopes to never leave California. She doesn't have a blog because she would never ever keep it up. Ever.
You're welcome to contact Jennifer with any questions jennifergeorge01(at)

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