Portraits By Chupanzee

Chup starting working on a movie last April. From April until June we didn't get much from Chup. Like all of the productions he's worked on it's been a gigantic adventure. Sure, movies are glamor, glitz and glory but for the guys on the producing side of things, it's terribly hard work. Our hero Chup was working, working, working day and night and when he wasn't working he was zombie-like and dreadful to converse with at night. Man, it's nice to have him back, if not just for the creativity he sparks and the images he sees:

Niece Maggie

Niece Phoebe

Wife Me

Homeboy Brenden

Homegirl June (with Grampa Z)

Son, The Chief Chunkles of Checker Auto Parts (just go with it)

Hear me out, if Chup wanted to start a portrait making business (which he doesn't, but if he did...) don't you think he should call it "Chup Shots"? Like, Cheap Shots, but Chup Shots?

Not really?

Chup Shots by Chup?


Yes? No?

(I can tell on your face you don't like it.)

(Don't let Chup take a picture of that face, it's not . . . real . . . promising . . .)

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