My Big Fat Mormon Family

Like promised, I told you I'd post a special video of my family at our homespun gala, but only if you behaved.

Well, you were a good group it seems.

(It helps when I've turned off comments...)

During Fictionist's mini-lite set my brother Jesse yelled out, "WEEZER!" and Stu (lead singer) said, "You guys are the craziest Mormon family I've ever met."

And then this happened:

I couldn't remember all the words. I felt a little like Oprah when the camera goes to her and she muffles up mouthing the words during a musical guest performance (tell me you know what I'm talking about). Weezer was Senior Year baby, it's been awhile . . .

Weekend links to stuff I wrote:

A Guide to Provo via the Des News
I laughed and laughed about the "helpful" comments at the end. Especially the one who wonders if it was written "tongue-in-cheek"--don't these people know who "I am"?

For Cardigan Empire, a piece about peace with my body
I will do anything for Reachel Bagley, even if I have to dig a little deep and admit things that make me feel vulnerable. Especially after watching myself in that video above...

My Fourth of July muu-muu made the Mayor's blog--not something I wrote necessarily
Not the best photo of me, but again, I am making peace with my image. RIGHT? Besides, in real life? The muu-muu was red, white and blue-tiful..

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