Let Your Garden Grow

Dear Topher in London,

Thanks for taking time to design, purchase and plant the entire grass garden in our front walkway. The grasses are growing like, well, weeds. Their success in thriving may have a lot to do with your perfect placement of them (yellows here, greens there, reds up front, lilac to the sides) and it may have to do with The Chief's compulsion to pee on them every time he's outside. Cheers (as they say on your side of the world) to a dedicated hobby landscape architect and the super power enzymes--and instincts-- from the insides three year old little boy!

We'll have an entire grassland out our front door by the time you come home next month! Next up, snakes???

Happy Snappy Birthday!

Your sister,
Courtney Jane

p.s. I've got an awesomazing idea for a vlog when you come back. Oh yes. Ohhhhhhh yes.

A Topher-approved concert!

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