Good bye July.

You came with late afternoon rain showers, some of which were incredibly torrential. It was as though you were out to show your natural prowess against a month of man-made fireworks. In my eyes, your splendor won the battle, no Creeping Tiger at Midnight firework package could compare to your angry strikes of firebolts and--quickly following--forgiving sunsets.

You were a cool July (or was it my swamp cooler?) I never even saw you sweat. Thanks for San Diego, dusty Idaho and lots of cricket laden quiet nights in my bedroom. Lazy, sweet July.

And in the immortal words of my Grandma Marion at the end of every Fourth of July, I say, "Before you know it, it will be Christmas."

(Funny thing, the older I get the more that statement is true.)

Until next year July, save some storms for me.

Jed Wells photography

*Added bonus!
Here's a little vlog Jed Wells and I shot last night as we were working on July's photo. My apologies for my remark about Jed not being a "real man". How could I say that with his Clark Kent Paperboy hair? Shoot.

Anyway, if you like BEHIND THE SCENES sorts of things, or you're a photographer looking for ideas, you'll like this (but no promises).

One week away, I can't wait to introduce you to some beautiful tunes next week! Zazzah!

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