In Short: We're All Suckers

One of the areas I loved to study while getting my Behavioral Science degree was the spectrum of how humans react to death. Is that morbid? So what?

When dipped in dangerous circumstances humans have all sorts of interesting reactions. Some will run, escape, fueled by fear and vulnerability.

Others laugh in the face of death, they run towards the possibility, seek it out and willingly tip toe the line of mortality. (See: daredevils, stuntmen.)

Meanwhile people sometimes welcome the passing of life, peacefully accept the inevitable, feeling no fear or fight.

When I watched this video of our family and friends at the Fourth of July Balloon Fest I was amazed at how well it illustrates the spectrum. We were sitting on the lawn breakfasting on breakfast burritos when the wind shifted and the balloons started toppling over. For a few seconds things were highly intense--as you can see in the video--chairs were being thrown, mothers screaming for their babies, stampedes of spectators running out of the way.

Reactions to the distinct risk of being smothered by a gigantic balloon comes in all shapes.



And Ever having a lollipop.

Man, I love that child.

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