Here Comes the Sun and I Say...

There are so many rockstars rehearsing The Abbey Road Show inside this converted garage you can imagine what the energy was like (or what it smelled like) or how loud it was (the police showed up). I wish you all could come and see the polished product. For many of you, I hope you can. IT'S FREE.

(With all that money you are saving, surely you can splurge on a Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcake--to be sold in the market below the terrace).

I am also so happy to introduce Sarah Wiley in this video as well. She's the CEO of the Rooftop Concert Series and all the credit goes to her. Plus yes, she's pretty and she knows C++.

Enjoy my dancing. I know you will.

If you are coming to the concert, let me persuade you to copy and print this set list to bring with you tonight. It will be a guide to you during the entire album (there will be no talking during show from the stage!) You can also follow along on Twitter @rooftopconcerts--tweets will include performer's info, lyrics, background tidbits and funny commentary by Paul Jacobsen.

The Abbey Road Show:
1st song: Come Together sung by Dominic Moore 
2nd song: Something sung by Paul Jacobsen (@madisonarm) 

3rd song: Maxwell's Silver Hammer sung by Brinton Jones (@thedevilwhale) 

4th song: Oh! Darling sung by Ryan Innes (@ryaninnes) 

5th song: Octopus's Garden sung by Stu Maxfield of @fictionistnoise 

6th song: I Want You (She's So Heavy) sung by Mark Smith, featuring Robbie of @fictionistnoise

7th song: Here Comes The Sun sung by Marcus Bently 

8th song: Because sung by Sayde Price, Libbie Linton, & Debra Fotheringham

9th song: You Never Give Me Your Money sung by Stuart Maxfield

Brace yourselves: here comes the Sun King (and the medley)

10th song: Sun King sung by Nate Pyfer w/ Debra, Libbie, & Sayde Price

11th song: Mean Mr Mustard sung by Nate Pyfer 

12th song: Polythene Pam sung by Brinton Jones of @thedevilwhale

13th song: She Came In Through The Bathroom Window sung by Dominic Moore

14th song: Golden Slumbers sung by Ryan Tanner (@ryantannermusic) 

15th song: Carry That Weight sung by everyone (that means you)

16th song: The End sung by lots of people

17th song: Her Majesty sung by Libbie Linton

Encore? With a few surprises?

 . . . it's all right.

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