Father's Day Generosity

This is what I did for Chup on his fourth official Father's Day.

I let him let me sleep in.

I let him change all of Ever's diapers. The whole day.

I let him pack the car--all of our luggage, food and toys-- stuff we acquired while visiting Grandma and Grandpa Kendrick in Idaho this weekend. He's so good at manipulating space, and I am so good at eating fruit snacks and sitting in the sunshine.

I let him sleep while I drove home. BONUS POINTS.

I let him unpack the car when we arrived home.

I let him make me dinner. (I was hungry from all that driving!!!)

I let him put the kids in the tub and give them a good scrubbing.

I let him do the dishes. And a couple loads of laundry.

I let him also clean the wet mess The Chief accidentally made the in car when we didn't get home in time for his bladder-ific needs.

I let him fix the lid on the white garbage can. IT WAS DRIVING ME NUTS.

And then, when he was super tired I tucked him into bed. He said he had a stomach ache. And the chills.

I let him have those too.

Happy Father's Day Chupcake! Love you! Feel better!

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