A Saucy Post About A Day in Denver

What I should've worn was clear after the day was over.

What I should've worn probably wouldn't have looked any more professional.

What I should've worn was a shirt that read: THEY ARE DOING FINE, THANKS FOR ASKING.

THEY are my parents. My mother and father who oversee close to two-hundred missionaries in the romantic Midwestern town of St. Louis, Missouri. And yes, romantic. It's so French and Fleur de lis.

Anyway, I didn't really think about that as I readied myself early in the morning for the inaugural flight out of Provo Airport due east to Denver. I thought about how my kids were going to get along without me (thanks Meg), about my sick husband who had spent the night rolling and groaning about, and I thought about who I was going to hang out with for the excursion. I was feeling social anxiety at thirty-four years old. It's here to stay I suppose.

I was the last to check in out of our ninety-something group. Just as I was halfway to the airport I realized I had Chup's wallet in my car. As a testimonial of sorts, I was so grateful for the convenience of being able to fly out of Provo airport, a quick turn around back to the house only cost me five minutes. Had I been headed to Salt Lake I would've either missed the flight or left Chup penniless for the day. And believe me, when Chup is sick he needs his Del Taco.

The waiting terminal was full of local dignitaries and People that People Know. I took a deep breath and started shaking hands with everyone I could see. I pretended I was Michelle Bachman. Then I pretended I was Sarah Palin. And then I didn't really like being either of those ladies so I just resorted to me.

Here's how it went:

"Hi. I am Courtney."

"Hi Courtney. What are you doing here?" Indifferent. Awkward.

"Well, I am a local blogger/writer and I represent the Rooftop Concert Series."

"Huh." More indifference, more awkward.

" . . . and I am Steve and Cindy Clark's daughter."

Which is usually when the bear hugging would take place.

"COURTNEY!" Like I'm the long lost whatever.

"How are your parents doing? Gosh we miss them so much..."

[Dream Sequence: Point to labeled shirt.]

Oh look, here is a little clip of me boarding the plane. And some other people:

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

When I got on the plane I had a really sweet seat in first class next to the entertaining Alex Cabero of KSL NBC and directly in front of Governor Herbert. I turned around to introduce myself to the Governer and just skipped the whole Me part of things,

"Hi Governor. I am Courtney Clark Kendrick. Steve and Cindy's daughter. Sister in law of Vance who helped create five hundred jobs in Utah--the ones you announced yesterday."

"Of course! How are your parents doing? You know, Steve is such a good friend of mine."

And then things took a different turn,

"How is your sister doing in New Mexico?"

"Well, she's actually here."

"Oh good. I hear she has a real popular facebook page."

"Something like that."

"You tell her the Governor says hello."

And then I did the same thing to the Governor that all the press had been doing that morning, I asked him his position on Romney vs. Huntsman. Governor Herbert supported Romney in the last campaign, but spent a couple terms as Huntsman's Lt. Governor.

It was as sweetly PC as it needed to be, "Wish them both luck!" that sorta thing.

Then I said hello to the Governor's chief of staff who actually knew me as me because of fun times in college. And that is all I will say about that.

Governor Herbert and Mayor Curtis before boarding

When we landed in Denver we were sprayed by a firetruck which--I didn't know--is ceremonial for these sorts of things. I told Alex I was expecting a bottle of champagne to be smashed across the underbelly. But he said that's only for boats. Boats is the correct answer.

Then I introduced myself to Representative Jason Chaffetz who is the most conservative person on Capitol Hill. Or one of them, at least.

"Hi, Representative. I'm Courtney."

"Hi Courtney."

Me, not knowing what to say.

"So, how did you get so conservative?"

Yes, stupid question. But he answered it anyway.

"Well, I grew up, got a job and a family."

You could've fooled me.That man has a baby face. In real life. Now I know.

After we arrived in the airport I was so happy to see my friend Jeanette Bennett Editor-in-Chief of Utah Valley Magazine was with us. I sorta hooked my social anxiety onto her and she helped me through the day of social networking. We ate with the Denver political elite at the Denver Aquarium, headed to Coors Field for a tour (GO ROCKIES!) and ended the day at Larimer Square.

The first thing I did when I got home was text my parents out in Creve Coeur.

"People still love you around here."

And then I reminded them, "Love, Your Daughter Who Was Born in Denver"

Oh, did I tell you? I was born in Denver. Me and the omelette.

Me and Mayor Curtis at Coors Field
(and on second thought, I'm really glad I wore this fabulous shirt, thanks Lilac Clothing.)

Lastly, here is a really cool video of the first flight to land in Provo Airport. Even if you don't care one ounce about who or what lands here, you've got to watch this. It's so Americana--beauty queens, helicopters, soundtracks to awesome movies--and your three year old will ask for repeat (at least mine did):

Provo's First Flight - Transformers Soundtrack from Daniel Bean on Vimeo.

Thanks Daniel Bean

All photos were taken by Bryant Livingston--photographer to Utah County's families. Thanks Bryant!

And thanks to Helen Anderson for the ticket, the funniest person at Provo's City Hall

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