Cross Dressing


I was invited to do a reading at The Power of Moms retreat this Saturday. It's a seminar on mothering--developing skills, ideas and principles to help in the whole process. The more I get into this mom lifestyle the more I realize how much I have to learn and knowing me I"ll probably feel that way for the rest of my life. SO HELP ME GRAVY.

So I've been doing some archive reading looking for posts to read and last night I came across an essay I wrote called A and Italics. Sometimes I read old posts and think meh, but this one stood the test of time. I liked it. It's about how I had this penchant for dressing baby Ever in understated boy clothes. Which  is still true, this very weekend I couldn't help myself from buying The Chief and Ever matching boy's camo cargo shorts. The girlie stuff sometimes irritates my soul and I find clothing The Chief to be so much more fun than I imagined. What does this say about me? Maybe I can find out at the retreat this weekend.

You can read A and Italics here.

p.s. there are a few spots left for the retreat this weekend (so I've been told) you can check it out here. I am excited to learn from mothering guru Linda Eyre who had the perfect answer to my question, "how do you know when you are done having children?" the very first time I met her. Deep relief.

p.p.s I've got to get a photo of my offsprings in those matching cargo pants. Oh melt, it's adorable. Chup, you on it?

p.p.p.s BTW, Chup and I are now using the blog to communicate. It helps when he's in So. California and I am at home in my muu muu and my phone is stuck somewhere between the couch cushions and whocares?.

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