Checking In

I am feeling particularly un-saucy tonight. I think I'm being doused with a giant vat of vulnerability. I am tired, and it seems: I am tired a lot. And it also seems: so is every other mother in my position.

But it's good. My cheeks are hot, my babies are sleeping, (except the kicky one in my insides) my husband has had an awful day of flu or funeral potato poisoning (we can't really tell which...) and there was a really sweet reader at Costco today who lifted my spirits as I hauled groceries into my car. I love you little C. Jane readers, you're so sweet to me.

This year I've wanted to focus on healing, all aspects. One of the areas I hoped to succeed was in relationships. There have been times in blogging when I've mistakenly hurt feelings. For instance, when I said I didn't really love this video about Provo Girls, I didn't mean Mallory Everton--the producer. In an effort to prove this to my readership (some of whom were awfully offended) I asked Mallory to join me in making a video together. I support the ladies, oh I do.

Last year when Brooke White had to cancel out of our Rooftop show I posted her apology. It was done tongue in cheek. Some readers thought I was being rude--including Brooke's mom--and I had to call my mom to see if I had crossed a line. Of course, she didn't think so...

Anyway, Brooke is coming to town for a concert (see poster below) and my hope is to meet her and smooth out any wrinkles I caused. Stay tuned for that reunion.

This is a funny adventure, this healing stuff.

As for tomorrow, I am off to Denver for Frontier Airlines first flight out of Provo Airport. It's a 8:30 am flight. Good thing it's just fifteen minutes to the airport instead of the forty five minutes to the Salt Lake airport.

Gah, no wonder I am tired.

p.s. Ryan Innes will also be singing at our July Rooftop concert with the Abbey Road Show. Have I told you? It's a collection of bright artists covering the Abbey Road album from start to finish. Smashing! Smashing! Plus my lover Sarah Sample!

and while I am at it...did you see this video from our last show? Thanks to mango film productions:

Ok, me, bed.

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