The Reason I Didn't Write Much This Week

The reason I didn't write much this week is not something altruistic, heart-wrenching or even something I am proud of. It's not planet-saving, earth-shattering, tragic or triumphant.

The reason I didn't write much this week is because I was watching tv. This was an epic week for tv watching and though I am not a true television hobbyist, I couldn't resist Oprah's last week, Scotty McCreery's big win and the return of my friends Nigel Lythgoe and Mary HOT TAMALE TRAIN Murphy.

Ok, that's not the only reason. I am gearing up for a little group effort I like to call the ROOFTOP CONCERT SERIES. It's a week a way and we're expecting a party atmosphere, a romantic flow and three enjoyable performers: Ryan Innes, Mindy Gledhill and Meaghan Smith. In anticipation, Meaghan Smith dropped something off on my online doorstep. It's pretty cute:

Ok, also I didn't write much this week because I am a mom and sometimes--you know-- it gets the way of all the things I want to do. Like write. But that's a small sacrifice, right?

I mean, just look at Betsy above. I am one proud auntie.

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