Missouri! You Were There!

 Thanks Muse Music Cafe Blog for this photo and the video at the end of the post!

Sometimes I get so caught up in daily wondering if I will or will not have a chance to shower, or if I can possibly endure another day of toilet training, or if we'll get to see Dad's face before midnight, I forget how cool things can be.

Cool like putting on a concert for 1,500 friends on a fresh Friday in the month of May. Cool like working with one of my closest friends, Sarah Wiley and watching her create magic in our downtown. Cool like doing stage schtick with Justin Hackworth--someone who never fails to make me laugh. Cool like letting Jenny Eckton help me up a flight of stairs because my purple stilettos keep getting caught in the metal holes. Cool like doing a giveaway with our mayor John Curtis to a fanatical crowd of Fictionist lovers.

Cool because I love Paul Jacobsen, one of the most solid human beings I know. And he brought his entire Madison Arm:

Cool because, well, Fictionist:

Cool because I text Jacob Jones daily the oddest requests and he is unfailingly nice to me:

Cool because I shared the night with my family and friends, Vivint sponsors (Lindsay!) a whole slew of over-generous volunteers and the Wasatch Front. Plus Ever Jane and Mr. Chupastar:

Most of all cool because you showed up. And you were fun. Who cares if I shower or not as long as you show up and are fun?

(Don't answer that.)

And cool because I get to invite you to another incredible concert, Meaghan Smith and an over-ripe Mindy Gledhill, June 3rd. 8:00pm. Same location PROVO TOWN SQUARE!

And thanks to Emily Brown for setting the tone, you're gorgeous.

See you next month!

p.s. I don't know what you are doing right now, but if you could, I don't know, ignore the laundry for one second longer and go over here and rate Fictionist 5 Stars? That would be, killer (Chup word, 'killer'). If you don't want to do it for me, will you do it for DONNY OSMOND?

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