Almost Scandalous

One day a week or so ago, as I was making lemon sour cream pies with Janna for Easter, Vivint shows up at my house to check on the alarm system and install some more security hobnobs and whatnots and thingsChuploves. The abled technician did all the work while I was next door making graham cracker crust.

I was not entrusted with the lemon or sour cream part of the pie.

So after a few hours of pie-making (which lends itself to some great woman-time) I came home to a fortified house including a new camera, thermostat and light controls. Basically this means we can manage our home from our computers or phones. Suddenly I was the owner of a Smart Home.

That night we went to dinner with family and watched the kids interact with the babysitters from Chup's Sister Wife (or as I also call it, the Free Babysitter--see photo above). When the kids went to bed, we could turn off the lights and make sure the place was warm enough while enjoying our sushi. I kept thinking about my former neighbor who would repeatedly ask me to check if she had turned her oven off when she went running errands. I'd run down to her apartment to make sure flames weren't whipping at the windows. This technology would be peace to her mind.

But as great as the camera has been, it takes some time getting used to having it around. Chup likes to watch it from his computer at work so he can feel a little bit like being home. The kids will play in the room and he can watch their cute interactions. But one of my sisters forgot about the contraption, and dropped her pants (they were too tight post-meal) in good site of Chup's view. (He texted us to let us know). On a different occasion, another sister took off her shirt (for purposes best left unsaid) which lead to another sister taking off her shirt. Luckily Chup was away from his desk. Actually lucky or not lucky, I don't know. Not lucky?

Vivint is the main sponsor for our concert this weekend. Sure they have all sorts of cool toys for your house (check this out) but I love them most because they were the only major company to step up and donate to our cause, so we could keep it a FREE concert. And if you are about our town, you'll see Vivint donating to all sorts of causes and community events, not to mention BYU football. Huzzah, huzzuh!

So listen, if you ever come to my house and we start chatting, just know there are three of us in the room. And keep your clothes on, I mean, if you want to.

Thanks Lindsay and the orange team!

Did I mention the concert?

At 6:00 there will be a cool market in the Provo Town Square's commons area (directly below the parking terrace). Shop at the market, eat downtown, come up for the concert. Emily Brown will serenade you up the stairs. Emily Brown? She's incredible:

Emily Brown "Nocturne" from The Occidental Saloon on Vimeo.

Also the Beehive is on, don't forget.

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