Friday, April 15, 2011

Go Tell It On The Rooftop

Two days ago I was putting my children into the car when I saw out of the corner of my eye two men approaching my home.

Was it the FBI?

The IRS? (Not yet! Hopefully! Happy Tax Day America!)

Them Mormon Missionaries?

No, no and no. It was Stuart Maxfield front man for Fictionist and Jacob Jones, piano man.

I jumped a little. I mean, it's not every day those two show up at my house mid-morning. We talked for awhile about how busy their schedule is these days, how grateful they were for my readers helping them in their contest  (again, thank you) and who is their fiercest competition in the competition. And then I remembered, I haven't shared my big news yet. I mean, the big news about how our Rooftop Concert Series starts next month and how Fictionist is starting us off and how excited I am.

I haven't shared that news, have I?

See here:

Thanks to Vivint our sponsors for this concert. Vivint is a company that specializes in making Smart Homes--or as I call it, Jetson-izing your house. More about that later, but they were our first sponsor signed up and excited to go. I could kiss the entire company. I could.

And Paul Jacobsen and the Madison Arm? Chup and I feel confident we'd travel to the ends of the earth to hear them play.  Watching the master Bishop Pat Campbell on drums is enough to make you young again. This line up is a golden winner of maximum listening enthrallment. How's that?

So there it is, my big announcement. We've been hard at work (J. Hackworth, Mindy Gledhill, Sarah Wiley and I) for months and months and months. And months. It's nice to see things coming together.

And speaking of Mindy Gledhill, I wish her and the entire Basa crew the best of luck as they embark to Africa today. I couldn't join them this time, as I am in no condition to travel to the mall much less a continent away. I asked my sister Page to write a post about the experience upon their return. Did I tell you Page is going? Lucky girl.

Okay so next week I am going to write a post about coming to my son's honor at the playground yesterday. Now there's some good stuff to look forward to...

See the entire Rooftop Concert Series line up RIGHT HERE!!!
We're also on facebook here.
And Twitter here.

Happy Weekend!

(For the vlog lovers out there, I am sorry. As soon as I don't feel like a particle of ship wreck I'll be back on camera. For better or worse....)