Vlog: Best Blogging Week Ever Feb 28- March 4

This vlog is extra inside jokey if you were one of the many people who let me know I left off an important 's' in the word "assess" on my blog this week. Of all the words to misspell, "assess" is extra special. It makes a donkey out of you and me . . . wait, is that how it goes?

But there are many words that sound funny misspelled, it appears...

I'd say it's time for a Muu Muu March shot, just to...you know...tickle your weekend.

 Muu Muu March photo by J. Hack

Oh yes, do you live in Idaho or Washington State? Yes? (Raise your hand!) You will want to know about these concerts coming to you this weekend:
Burbank, Wa

Have fun!

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