Please Help My Friends Regan and Piper Jane

Last year I hooked up via internet waves
with the unstoppable Piper Jane and her mother Reagan and dad Jake. I have loved reading Reagan's blob, her sauce and her spice, and I spent the better part of last year hoping I could meet them in this real life. (I wrote about that here.)
In January my dream came true when Reagan stopped by my home on her way to visit her loveliest of Grandmas who lives up the street. I was in my very dowdy sweats which isn't an appropriate thing to be wearing when the most glamorous person you know shows up on the doorstep. But nevermind, we sat and talked for a good part of the afternoon as if dowdy and glamor were peanut butter and jelly.
Along with Reagan's fans I discovered this weekend that Piper, who has been in a child's care facility, has to be moved to another facility 146 miles away from her parents. Reagan is asking for help, suggestions or ideas on how this move could be stopped. I can't help but think how desperate I'd feel in this situation.
If you've got any sort of thoughts, please go here.
Thanks so much.

*it appears Reagan's blob is down temporarily. We'll update if we get any more info. Thanks! 
**The webmaster is working on the server on Reagan's blob. Stay tuned. 
***Good news! The site is up AND there is a happy ending! Thanks everyone!

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