I Love Being Called Honey Pie

This is a thank you for everyone who took time out of the space in their day to write me a little note of pregnancy- related encouragement. From emails to comments and a couple of texts on my phone and one really, really thoughtful Darlybird visit (which included robots, sparkly things and these Japanese vintage earrings--oh my!), I do feel infinitely better. I mean, positive. There is a spark of positivity in my bones. Thank you for that. Compassion is a gorgeous concept.

There was one comment in particular that made my ego melt and humbled me properly. The comment is from Geo, a woman who is a gift to this planet in so many ways:

Honey pie, strip existence down to essentials and your will's really the only thing that's yours to offer anyway. If you're putting that on the table, then you bet it's enough. It's plenty. It's everything!

I've been thinking a lot lately about the word privilege and how it relates to working through hard situations, healing tough relationships, and conquering all sorts of troubles. It's a privilege to struggle (though I personally don't go looking for a fight) and claim the rewards when the hell parts have passed. Joy as exquisite as was the pain is a great pattern, once you finally get to that gorgeous joy end of things.

It'll be worth it. It's worth it now. I'm so happy for you that there's one more person to have the privilege of loving and knowing and raising coming to you, and so soon after Ever. You're blessing your children too by ushering another soul in. You're blessing the world. It all sounds so cheesy, but think of all the people who could thank you with all their hearts, if only they knew what (who) was coming into their lives soon.

Baby smiles. Tiny fingernails. Neck nuzzling. Fresh wrinkly skin. Yummy sweetness.

Thanks Geo. Thanks Darly. Thank everyone. I am lucky to have you all.

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