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Chup here-

Have you ever made a friend...and at first you're just friends and it's great.

And then you slowly realize how their cool exceeds your cool?

And then you start to obsess a little?

And then you don't tell anyone how cool they are because then that person would want to be friends with them and boy, one thing we do NOT need is competition.

You want to keep them alllll to yourself. Happy, safe, neurotic. Fine.

Except for Wendy and Tyler.

image: Blue Lily Photo

Wendy and Tyler are super cool. They dress well. They eat well. Wendy and Tyler's children are attractive AND well-behaved. Wendy and Tyler are amazing photographers. Wendy and Tyler smell good. Wendy and Tyler are famous.

Wendy and Tyler are Blue Lily.

Heard of them?

See what I mean?

Which is why I can't keep them for myself.

We've been friends for awhile, and I always thought they were fun and funny and wished they lived closer. And I loved the pictures they took of my family, so when the opportunity came up to attend one of their photography workshops, in San Diego, on the beach...I packed my bag.

Impending root canal be damned.

So, I had to share them with 11 others for the weekend. That's ok.

I knew them first.

Petty jealousy aside, it was pretty awesome.

Jump to Dear C. Jane for my review, my photos and my sentimentality.

- Chup out

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