I Need A Job Chart

I was just watching the short video for My Job Chart (really smart idea by-the-way teaches working and money ethics to children). I have this fire in my chest about teaching my children to be hard workers. In my perfect parenting world, my kids would exit Camp Kendrick knowing how to get on their hands and knees and scrub a toilet, a tub, a Cheerio-encrusted kitchen floor, whatever.

So far I am failing. But at least I am humble.

I can get The Chief to put his clothes down the laundry chute, but what two year old doesn't love that job? To send objects flying down a small hole in the floor is as entertaining as it is mesmerizing. I suppose I should count it a small success only that I have to pray every single day that he doesn't send his little sister down that small hole in the floor when I am not looking. Also, sometimes I find random objects in the laundry collection basket in the basement--cars, trucks, my hair dryer, feminine products, my phone and family heirlooms.

One time I had set out Ever's clothes for the day and before I could put them on her, The Chief sent them down the chute when I wasn't looking. The quick disappearance of her clothes left me thinking I had honestly lost my mind. That dress was just here one second ago! I am losing it. I am losing it. I am losing it.

Imagine how happy I was when I found the outfit a day later piled up with the dirty laundry three flights down.

I had big dreams about teaching my kids hard work (and still do, I am not giving up) before I had children. In fact, allow me to send you to this post called "Like the Top of the Chrysler Building" which I wrote in March 2008. Warning, it includes chemicals and one Mormon-friendly swear word.

Click here (read the comments too, hilarious stuff.)

This is the MJC video I watched:

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