Friday, January 14, 2011

Vlog: Best Blogging Week Ever Jan.10-14

So we're just going to borrow an idea (we promise to put it back! gug gug gug) from VH1's Best Week Ever and start a vlog series called, Best Blogging Week Ever. A series wherein we round up our favorite moments of blogging for that week.

I mean, there is some drama in the blogging.

But this vlog didn't even get to the part of this week where Brooke White and I made-up using the hugely public space of Twitter. That was pretty sweet.

And a funny correspondence from the Pioneer Woman (but let's just call her Ree).

And am I name dropping?

(My sister is Nie Nie.)

(Here's proof. I am even on her blog today.)

And my Des News column debuted at numero uno on their Most Popular spot. THANKS TO YOU GUYS!

And then a DN reader commented, "And what did we do to deserve this?"

But we laughed all day about that one.

Because what can you do when there is drama in the blogging?

Ok, C. Jane shut the trap and roll the vlog:

Thanks for an exceptional week.
I hope you know, I like you.

St. George Readers! Are you coming to the Reading next Thursday, January 20th at the Washington City Community Center, 7:00pm with me, Suzanne and Haley? If you are coming and you'd like to share a blog post of yours to read to the group, will you email us a link to your post? We want to know how many readings we can plan on...and if there are any we need to censor. Just kidding. Or am I? cjanemail @ gmail .com.

Oh and did you want to see a photo of Haley and me caught up in a snuggle?
Clicky here-y.

Also, I hear everyone is pretty picky about their dessert offerings (rocky road ice cream will already be there) so if you'd like to bring something to share, we'd love it. It's a gathering, a real gathering!

Dear C. Jane:
Chup reviews a toy that has a camera attached to it--oh I don't know--see for yourself.

C. Jane's Guide to Provo:
Exclusive, I am getting real with you.

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