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You shouldn't feel sorry for me, just because I worked from the day after Christmas on past New Years Day--no breaks. I had to stay home while the other half of my family (the boys) went to in-law-dwelling Idaho to eat Cheetos and play with remote-controlled gadgets and Rockband Whatever until the mysterious morning hours.

Nope. I was working on meeting deadlines and crunching numbers. Just kidding I didn't crunch any numbers, furthermore I am horrid at math. I still wake up with night sweats having had a nightmare about being in Pre-Algebra class. Something tells me I am not alone in this.

So back to feeling sorry for me. You shouldn't. You shouldn't because we are going to sunny St. George, Utah in two weeks to sit and do nothing. Well, besides hike around Zion, swim with our cousins, eat TwentyFive Main cupcakes (world's best!) and well, hopefully meet some of you.

That's right. We're going to have us a Reading in St. George. You come to our Reading, you bring something you've written, and share it. Or, you come, bring your friends and listen.Or you come and eat TwentyFive Main cupcakes. Am I making myself clear? If you live anywhere close, you come.

(I am particularly reminded of my new found friends in India and Norway who have been emailing me all day saying "we're here!" I wish St. George, Utah was close to India or Norway, but at this point in the geography of the earth's platelets it is not. But Vegas is. You live in Vegas? You come.)

Here are the details about the Reading you are coming to:
January 20th
Washington City Community Center.
We will read some, eat some, discuss some. 
The original Mother/Photographer/Business Owner Haley Warner from Haley Ann Warner Photography will be there to answer some questions about using images with your blogging (have you met her? You will fall in love, as I did twenty years ago). And the very introspective and amusing Suzanne from the blog Life's Negotiations who also happens to be married to my eldest brother Steve is going to read some of her salty posts.
If there is time and we're not boring you, you can ask me any questions you might have about writing, blogging or what is it like to be Nie's sister? (Someone once asked me if they could shake my hand because it would be almost like shaking Nie's hand. I guess that's what it's like to be Nie's sister. So that question is already answered. Cross off.)
More details will surely follow. In the meantime, we're open to suggestions. Start telling us where we must go and what we must eat, see and feel while we are in the southern part of our lovely Deseret (Deseret is another name for Utah, India people and Norwegians who might not know) (Is there anyone from India or Norway still reading this?) I mean, I've been there a lot, but surely even I am missing something. See below my picture for our contact information. Or you can always leave a comment on this post by clicking on Pieces of Opinion (or POO for short--acronym unintended) below.
Consider yourself invited!

Oh golly I am long-winded tonight. Which means, I should probably put my mouth/typing fingers to bed.

Good night globe!

Dear C. Jane:
Chup's first regular post. It takes him all day to write these. It better be good.

C.Jane's Guide to Provo:
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I am C. Jane Kendrick and seriously now, stop feeling sorry for me. Ok, maybe a little. You can contact me personally at cjanemail @ or leave comments on my facebook page and if you are on twitter you can find my tweets here. But no pressure.

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