Sunday Guest Post Series: Andrew Clark's The Provo River


Dec 31, 2010

The Provo River, 2010 and my dog Blue.

The temperature hung around 5 degrees early this morning. I awoke Blue in his kennel. The year is dying quickly and I asked Blue if he wanted to feel alive one last time in 2010. He barreled out of his tight quarters with the energy of a locomotive. He charged through the deep snow straight to the covey of quail huddled under our shrubs with hopes of getting a few feathers in his mouth. The quail scampered and flushed into the frigid morning air..

Blue and I walked the short distance to the Provo river. We have a few favorite swimming holes. We know where the mallards hide and where the deer bed down at night. Occasionally we'll tree a raccoon or catch a very quick glimpse of a red-tailed fox, but what the river offers me-and not my dog-is serenity.

The sound of rushing waters soothes anxieties and allows me to put the woes of life into true perspective. I've offered up dozens of late night prayers at the bank of the Provo in 2010. This morning's adventure was no different. The water was cold and flowed with more gusto due to recent storms but that doesn't stop Blue from wanting to take a dip. I love to see the ice form on his blonde fur.

I couldn't help but to think back on the year that was 2010. The blessings that were gifted to me by a Higher Being. I felt gratitude for health, a blessed marriage and steady employment. I thought of wonderful kids that fill our home with a roller coaster of ups and downs. (We made it through 2010 with only one broken arm!) There was gratitude for the gospel of Jesus Christ and missionary work.

I also felt guilt. I felt guilt for allowing myself to be preoccupied this year with wanting much more than I already have. I think it is our human nature to want more...more of the things the world can provide. I have enough. Enough of the good stuff. The simple things. In retrospect 2010 gave me much...

I look forward with anticipation for what might be in 2011. For the sloughing off of bad habits and rendering worthwhile ones. For more family gatherings and traditions. I look forward to trials that will humble and build character. For the companionship of the Holy Spirit. I will strive for more inner peace.

So here's to you Blue in 2011...and more walks to visit our river. We'll catch our breath on life and count our blessings.

Andrew is a husband and father two three girls and one boy. He likes stormy weather, BYU football and quiet. Andrew is a regular contributor to C. Jane's Guide to Provo. You can read his posts here.

I am C. Jane Kendrick and I love a man who isn't afraid to speak spiritually. In 2011 I am also going to work on cultivating more family traditions. I don't have enough. 
 You can contact me personally at cjanemail @ or leave comments on my facebook page and if you are on twitter you can find my tweets here.

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