St. George Utah Kidnapped Me

I can't tell if vacation is good for the soul. It leaves me lazy in spirit. I daydream of mornings in bed and an early retirement. I am a sucker for time off.

But then, there is glory in hard work. To look at the grindstone every morning and say "Good day!" I pride myself in the feeling of having all the laundry sorted and stacked, the dust collected and fresh sheets on my bed. I live to retire at night tired, drained of all energy sucked from exhaustive labor.

I am my mother, a lover of fun.

I am my father, a wooer of work.

I don't think any duality of purpose defines me more.

This is me.

It was good while it lasted.

And now, back to work.

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I am C. Jane Kendrick and thanks St. George! You can contact me personally at cjanemail @ or leave comments on my facebook page and if you are on twitter you can find my tweets here. But no pressure.

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