इक्ज्ल्कज्ल्क्ज ज्क्ल्क्ज्कोइएउआस्द्फ़्

I started today with a radio show (local, 1400 AM) Shinning Moments with Suzanne Lutz. As she was interviewing me she said, "Welcome Courtney!" and I replied, like a cheerful, eager guest, "Welcome!"

And then I thought, NOT RIGHT RESPONSE.

So I blurted out, in a more earnest, gleeful reply "I mean, you're welcome!"


So I tried again, "I mean...thanks!"

You can imagine how the rest of it went.


I'd love to tell you more but Blogger (bless its heart) keeps translating my text into Hindi. And I keep checking twitter to make sure I am not the only one this is happening to (it's not) and suddenly I feel wildly unprofessional. And sorta creeped out. Is someone in India watching me right now? Hello?

This whole experience makes me hunger for coconut curry kurma. If anything.

So here is this, head to Dear C. Jane and check out the guides to Nie Nie's favorite book, or listen to a song we are fancying, or if you live in the same neck of the woods as me you can thank me for planning your awesome art & opera date night with romantic and devastating Japanese themes. Or scroll down below to see Janna Dean's Guest Post about Body Image healing.

 इ लव च्रिस्तोफेर इ लव च्रिस्तोफेर हे'स सो हॉट। हॉट। हॉट.

Ok, I am getting out of here and ordering paneer.

Maybe it's a sign I should stick to radio?

You're welcome!

Check it out, just got this email:
Subject line:  Hi from India!

Hey Courtney,

You have a reader from India... Whats funny is that in the last sentence "Ch" in "Christopher" was translated using "Ch" as pronounced in "Chup"!!!
You write great and I look forward to your blog everyday! 
See ya,

Hi Annie, 
Chup loves chicken tikka masala! And Bollywood.

Thanks for looking forward. Hope this post didn't disappoint.

And this one:
Subject line: I am the one watching you from India :)

C Jane,

I am from India and I am a regular reader of your blog.:)


Hi Anu,

I didn't know they had emoticons in India! Neat!

Thanks for reading across seventeen oceans (or something).

C. Jane

This is amusing. I am going to hope Blogger translates into Norwegian tomorrow night and we'll see who we meet. Fortuitous circumstances people of the globe!

I am C. Jane Kendrick and क्वेर्ट युइओप अस्द्फ्ग घ्ज्क्ल;ज्क्सन्मं कलन।(I wasn't kidding). You can contact me personally at cjanemail @ gmail.com or leave comments on my facebook page and if you are on twitter you can find my tweets here. But no pressure.

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