Pink Skies

I woke up to pink skies and vertical parade of snow this morning. There is nothing I like more than pink skies.

Here are some other things I like:

When The Commander in Chief wears a tie:

My nephew Owen:

When my friend Simy invites me to her house for a Sugar Party:

Having my family over for a tailgate party in the Green Room:

Inventing a holiday called, Friendsgiving (thanks Suze!):

Friendsgiving happens prior to Thanksgiving. It's like Thanksgiving but with a random cropping of friends instead of the traditional random cropping of family. Can be served on paper plates with plastic utensils and paper napkins, potluck style. But we used real goblets. The whole event was pretty fun until Scott Wiley poured cold cider on my lap. Let's just say this, he won't be invited next year.

When Uncle Stevie comes to stay:

Holding two bubbly babies at once (Vera & Ever) and successfully resisting the urge to bite their little heads and toss them in soup (sometimes I go too far):


I also like my husband's Kenmore Elite Refridgerator Reviews, this is his third in a series of four. When I read them I laugh and I am proud and then I find him in the house and smooch him. I'll smooch him for you if you want?

Read his review here.

Also, it makes me happy to give away one of these:

Go here to enter!

Your favorite shopping experience is back in Provo!

I am C. Jane Kendrick wishing you all pink skies!
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