On Things That Are Worth It

I was reading yesterday about how Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day told her husband--before having two cute boys of their own--that reading my sister's blog with it's color and painted furniture made having kids look fun.

It took me back to a place before I had children, when I loved talking to and reading about my friends who home schooled their children and aspired to simple living with desirable results. I dreamed about having children and cultivating a life of learning. That for me was what looked the most fun.

And now here I am. Yesterday morning, Chup and I sat down and watched The Snowman with The Chief. His eyes never left the screen, he clapped at the dress-up antics, the motorcycle ride, the "walking in the air" and of course, the dancing with Santa (who he calls simply, Ho Ho Ho) at the North Pole.

My experience with having children (so far) isn't as controlled as I romanticized in my head. It's much more spontaneous and organic. (I do most of the learning.) Even so, anyway you do it, it's true: having kids is wildly fun.

The best time I've ever had.

Nancy Hanson's absolutely joyful Christmas album, and you can win it:

Breakfast, Communal, Win. Need I say more?

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