I haven't written in awhile because I've been doing this:

Wearing lighted wreaths about my neck and playing matchy-matchy with my husband. Also, winning a WHOLE BOX of WATG Electric company t-shirts! Do you know what this means? A WHOLE BOX? Anyway...
Please bless we're cuter in real life.

We had a Christmas concert in the Greene Roome, Ryan Tanner and friends. I love Ryan Tanner's music, I love his song writing, his voice and his presentation. Heck, I love him:

Please bless Chup gets jealous when he reads that, because I like him a little feisty ifyouknowwhatImean.

Speaking of Chup:

I know there are a lot of people facing a gloomy Christmas this year. Harsh economic times, cash strapped and cheerless. So I've been thinking about how to box up Ever Jane, because surely finding this under your tree on Christmas morning would help out a limpy soul:

And if you give her graham crackers she turns into this:

What? You want a twofer?

Wendy Blue Lily came over specfically to teach The Chief how to make a proper snowball. We hire out these sorts of things:

Her husband Tyler Blue Lily gave us the idea.

It pleases me how The Chief's pants always slip around his skinny waist. Shoot, he's cute. I just decided to not give him away in the previously mentioned twofer deal.

My friend Jim Blair told me that the older I get the more I look like my mom. When I saw this photo I was amazed. I do look like my mom. And Wendy Blue Lily looks like she needs to be my next door neighbor:

Blue Eyed Universes! Yeah!

So I don't know where this post got off track.

But anyway, I feel flippant this Christmas.

Anybody need flippant in their stocking?

I've got extra...

The Jolly Porter reviews David Archuleta & The Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert!

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