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Chup here

Ever play the "What If You Won The Lottery" game? 

Aside from weird stories about people who actually win, and the requisite altruistic "I'd give half to charity" sentiments, how would you set yourself up if you had the scratch?  

We'd always soothe the guilt of gluttony with the caveat:

"You HAVE to spend a million dollars on yourself...."

So, as it turns out, I've given it some thought.  And I've actually made a couple of my wishies come true.  Maybe your man'll get lucky this Christmas?

Here's my list.

1.  Subaru Imprezza WRX STi - (35k - 38k) Sure, I could've thrown out names like: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche...Koenigsegg.  This whole list might've been populated with the litany of cars, trucks and motorcycles I've admired since boyhood.
Slightly more realistic?  The STi.  It's a base Subaru Imprezza on that crazy stuff that Mark Mcguire took/did not take.  Take Subaru's bombproof 4 cylinder, all-wheel-drive platform and add power, transmission and suspension upgrades and you've got a 300 horsepower rally rocket that'll just as easily take the kids to soccer games as blast sideways through deserted dirt road corners.  Sun, rain or snow.

Under controlled conditions, of course.

I've wanted/studied/lusted after the STi since the last half of the 90's when Colin McRae and Tommi Mäkinen were tearing up the World Rally Circuit.  Good, good times.

Bonus: Ken Block before trading to Ford: Gymkhana.  Good stuff starts around 1:40.

2..  A new phone.  My warhorse iPhone went through the wash.  I didn't cry.  Baked it pretty good with a hair dryer after several good dunkings in isopropyl alcohol, and - miraculously- it powers on.  Generally works, except for the frequent, random restarts.  Awesome.  Haven't completed a phone call since "the incident."  Makes getting three stars in Angry Birds Seasons maddening.  Dunno what I'd like.  I'm really used to the iPhone OS, but the new Nexus S looks tasty as well as some of the Windows Phone 7 offerings.  Here's Engadget's Smartphone buyer's guide.

3.  A good 50mm lens.  C'est vrai,  it's the photographer and not the camera.  BUT.  If you have a DSLR (full frame or not) and you don't have a good 50, you're missing out.  I puh-romise.

Canon has 3 great choices for your budget:
     - 50mm 1.8 $100 Budget
     - 50mm 1.4 $375-$400  This is the lens I have.  Changed my life.
     - 50mm 1.2  $1500 Do I really need what really only amounts to 1/2 stop (over my 1.4) and what most people say is a harder to use lens all for $1000 more? YES.

     -50mm 1.8 $130
     -50mm 1.4  D and G versions $350-$500
     -50mm 1.2 $700-$800 No autofocus and MORE money.  Nikon (literally) still makes them like they used to.  Amazing lens.

4. Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless Edition- ($600) What's more awesomer than a 60 mph R/C monster truck?  A $600 price tag.  Yowza!  But wouldn't it be fun?

5. Surefire E2D LED Defender Flashlight ($165) Extraordinary quality.  Extraordinary price.  Awesome flashlight.

6.  GoPro Hero HD Video Camera- ($250) I purchased the Motorsports version (comes with the suction cup mount) on Amazon because I had a $50 gift certificate.  Whether mounted on my motorcycle helmet, or messing around at the pool, it's a ton of fun. 

Swimming last summer: also my twitter profile picture ;)

7. One of these:

8.  Traxxas Spartan Boat  ($400) Two R/C's in one list?  I have no problem with that.  And this one's only $400! And it'll do 50 mph!

9. A tool chest.  A real one.  Then our green room would be at least a little more organized.

Like this one from Costco: ($800)

Or this from Sears/Craftsman: ($1400)


THIS one from Snap-on:  ($5,140) MUAHAHAA!

10. An iPad ($500-$700) I know, I know.  This season's hottest gift, blah, blah.  I don't really want it for me, though.

I want it for The Chief.

Since he was old enough to say "WoodyBuzz," we've had this morning ritual of him waking up earlier than the sun, trundling in from his bed to ours and he and I would lie there snugged for a half hour or so watching Toy Story or Totoro or Cars or Pingu on my iPhone. 

The restarting iPhone from #2 makes watching movies un-possible.

Just thinking of my boy. 


So there you have it.  

If I HAD to get all selfish and spend a bunch of cash on myself, of course.

Some needs, some wants, some "as long as we're dreamings."

Hopefully we all have some dreams come true this year, maybe help some others with theirs.

So....if you know anybody at Apple or Subaru or Traxxas, lemme know, would ya? ;)


Happy Holidays!!

The Chup-a-doop.

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